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Take your own 3D photo


So you want (need) your very own 3D picture but you don’t live near us (Reading, PA).

What can you do?


If you have a digital camera you are in luck.  Just follow the “simple” steps below, and we can create a 3D picture from your photos.


Yes, 3D photography can be done using a single camera, with some limitations.  The basic goal is to get two images of a person or scene and have the camera position separated by about 2.5” or 65 mm.


1- Set up your scene:

Set up your 3D scene with props or a person. (We recommend you look at a few of our photo arrangements to start.) Your 3D image will need to be cropped or reduced during the 3D process, so do not fill your viewfinder entirely with the image.  Leave a border around the main subject.  During processing we will zoom in to get the best 3D affect.  (To start, we recommend a distance of 8 ft minimum from camera to the closest object.)


2- Take your first photo

Now take your first picture (This is the Left eye view).


3- Move the camera to the right. 

Next keeping the camera in nearly the same position, move very very slightly to the right about 2 inches.  Be sure to keep the camera at the same level and same rotation.


4- Take your second photo

Now take your second picture. (The Right eye view).


It is important to make sure NOTHING in your scene has moved between the first and second pictures.  If you are photographing a person, you will need a very still and steady subject.  This may take a few tries, but with a little patience it can be done.


5- Rename your photos (Add -L & -R to title)

Your two pictures (stereo pair) should look very similar. When you are happy with your photos, give them each the same name, and add an “-L” for first or Left eye photo and a “-R” for the second or Right eye photo. (e.g. Name-L & Name-R)


6- Email your (2) photos to

Now just e-mail your two photos in JPEG format to us.


If all looks good, (3D affect is acceptable) we will notify you by e-mail and post your photo on our website for you to review.  If you are happy with the results, email us with your print request and send us a check for the order amount.  We will mail your 3D photo and glasses to you at your specified address.


We hope you and your friends give this a try!