PhotoMazing..."Your 3D Photo Specialist"

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Now you can be seen in your very own 3D photos!     

                   "This is Cool"....."Amazing!"....... It's PhotoMazing!!

We offer:

  • The latest in 3D photo technology
  • 3D Photos taken on site at your event
  • Glasses provided with your photos
  • A unique and personalized 3D photo memory

Look who loved wearing her 3D glasses

at the 2010 Grammy Awards!

Bob just loved Pete's 3D Steel Head photo.

You will love your 3D photos too, we guarantee it!



If you need extra 3D glasses, mail your request to: PhotoMazing, LLC, 3D Glasses Offer.    209 Faith Dr.,  Blandon Pa 19510.  Glasses are $2.00 each.  Make checks payable to PhotoMazing, LLC. 

Thank you and Enjoy!